Hi and welcome to my first Pram Jam post. As our regular attendees will know, each Pram Jam session is packed full of fun and engaging rhymes; from familiar classics, to rhymes with movement and actions, to rhymes that end with a tickle and a giggle!

For today’s blog post I would like to share a few of what we might call touch and tickle rhymes. These are great fun for all ages and physically reinforce the special bond between parent and child.

“Round and round the garden …”

Round and round the garden,
            like a teddy bear,
swirl your index finger around palm of child’s hand

One step, two step,
walk fingers up child’s arm

Tickling under there!
tickle child’s underarm

This next rhyme replaces the tickle at the end with a game of hide and seek!

“Baby’s Game”

     Touch your ears, pat your nose

     Tickle baby’s little toes

     Hide your eyes, ‘where are you?’

     Baby’s playing Peek-a-boo!

Touching and tickling are not just about bonding and intimacy; in the early stages of development babies learn as much through the senses of touch and feel as they do through sight and sound. At Cockburn Libraries we have, within our JK board book collection, a number of textured books. Babies love to feel the different surfaces while you read to them.

Textured Book

Moo! Moo! / Fiona Land
This book is farm themed with names, actions and sounds of animals; and of course the interesting textures – from fluffy and furry to bumpy and scratchy.

Do you have a favourite texture book or tickle rhyme? Please share!