Hi everyone! It seems like ages since my last blog but here we are again. At this week’s Pram Jam I read a story, “Lenny has Lunch”, and it gave me the idea for this blog’s theme:


Or really, just eating and meal time in general.

Once they have mastered the art of eating solid food there comes a time when young children start to refuse to let you feed them without a bun fight … I mean, when they get to that developmental stage when they become more independent and begin to eat unassisted. The joy of no longer having to put every spoonful into their mouths yourself can soon be replaced with the frustration of seeing them decide to put half of it on the walls instead!

As always, this will be a new learning experience for you both and we always have a book (or three) to help you and your little ones laugh and learn together.

For a story and some positive reinforcement try:

Lenny has lunch / Ken Wilson-Max

Lenny has Lunch

Lenny is in the kitchen with Daddy. While Daddy prepares lunch, Lenny plays along.
This simple and endearing story of parent and child sharing an everyday activity is perfect for reading with young toddlers.

For some practical help and advice, try these selections:

The contented child’s food bible : the complete guide to feeding 0-6 year olds / Gina Ford and Paul Sacher

Food Bible

Healthy cooking for children : 52 brilliant ideas to dump the junk / Mandy Francis

Healthy cooking for children

And to finish off, I know you’ve been waiting for it, here’s a food rhyme you can sing together.


Five red apples high in a tree,
One looked down and winked at me.
I shook that tree as hard as I could,
One fell down….mmm it was good!

(Continue rhyme until all the apples have fallen from the tree)

If you have any helpful (or hilarious) thoughts to share, please leave a comment.