Hi and welcome to my second Pram Jam blog post. Speaking of seconds, or ‘number twos’, why don’t we talk about potty training this week? This can be a challenging (and embarrassing) time for both parent and child and is best dealt with openly and honestly – and with a good sprinkling of loving patience and humour.

While the majority of our regular Pram Jammers might be too young just yet, most people agree that this stage of development occurs roughly between 1 – 3 years of age; so this is the perfect time to start a dialogue about our bodies and the amazing things they can poo … I mean do!

For parents who started to panic as soon as I wrote the word ‘potty’ – please don’t! We have many excellent books amongst our family and parenting resources that are here to help, like:

Early-start potty training by Linda Sonna

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Going Potty!

Stories that introduce the topic of toilet training while still being a fun and entertaining read are great for parents because they form part of an already established and familiar routine – story time.

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Where’s my potty? / illustrated by Felicity Gardner

Baby gorilla Max goes in search of the perfect potty – not too big, not too small … will he find one that’s just right?

Tinkle, Tinkle …

What better way to make potty time fun than to sing a silly rhyme about it?

    Tinkle, tinkle little tot
    there you sit upon the pot
    Any second you will see
    sprinkle, splash as you go pee!


My Little Potty by Peter Allchin

    I like my little potty
It’s the one thing that I own
That makes me feel
Like I’m a queen
Whilst sitting on my throne

Do you have any toilet training tips or anecdotes you’d like to share? Please tell us … but keep it clean.