We hosted the wonderful (and growing!)  Protective Behaviours collection at Coolbellup Library through the month of February, and the display generated so much discussion both online and at our sessions in the library that I thought I would touch quickly on introducing some of the principles of protective behaviour to our youngest family members.  This can seem like a difficult undertaking, as many of the specific protective behaviours books are aimed at slightly older children. However with a bit of thought we can start explaining to our babies the names of different parts of their bodies and who they should go to if they ever feel unhappy or uncomfortable, while maintaining a gentle and fun approach.


I love you nose!  I love you toes!  / Linda Davick


With love from head to toe  / Guundie Kuchling and Evelyn Tambour


Who needs pants?  / Michael Ian Black and Debbie Ridpath Ohi

These 3 books are some of my favourites for introducing body parts and initiating some discussions about public and private affection and behaviours. It’s really, really hard to break into the innocence of childhood and look at situations from a protective viewpoint, and to assist with that I would thoroughly recommend reading some parent resources and checking out the websites linked at the bottom of this post.


I want a cuddle!  /  Malorie Blackman and Joanne Partis


Cheeky monkey / Andrew Daddo and Emma Quay

Tickle / Leslie Patricelli

Tickle / Leslie Patricelli.

These titles are a few that are wonderful for reaffirming that ‘safe and secure’ message with your baby. It is so important to remind your children that you are their safety network, and that you’re always there for them – these books also assist when it is time to introduce other people into that network, those adults who participate significantly in your baby’s daily routine. Tickle in particular is an excellent board book which shows a baby enjoying an all-over-tickle fest from Mum and Dad and then vocalising a very firm ‘No!’ when he’s had enough.

During our Pram Jam sessions we sing these songs each week (you know how I do love repetition!) and I think they are just perfect for making the link from body parts and touching to feeling safe and being vocal – do you have any songs that you feel are helpful?

heads and shoulders rhymeOpenShutThem

Please ask for more suggestions if you are feeling uncertain!  Each of the Cockburn Libraries branches has Children’s Services staff on hand who will be more than happy to assist you with your search. The Protective Behaviours collection will be on display at the other Cockburn Libraries branches in coming months, and the specific resources can be found and reserved via the library catalogue HERE

Protective Behaviours resource links

Protective Behaviours WA  – check this website for local Parent’s courses

Some Secrets Should Never be Kept – Jayneen Sanders is the author behind this wonderful book and her website is full of awesome resources and information. Jayneen is very generous and has been very supportive of Cockburn Libraries as we build our PB collection.

Safe4Kids.com.au –  Another Perth based organisation

Protective Behaviours Australia Inc – an Australia wide website