Hi again! It’s been a while and, despite that, I’ve been drawing a bit of a blank on what to write about this week. Then I opened a delivery of new books to process and found a veritable cornucopia of amazing board books. There was so much variety in their shape and size, style and even construction that a faint little light went off in my head – I use an energy saving bulb, so it can take a while to warm up.

Anyway, I thought (eventually) “I know, I’ll write about the awesome variety that is out there in the world of board books.” Genius!

I’m going to start by cheating. Um-ah! I’m dobbing! This title only technically misses out on being a board book because it’s not on super thick card but it is totally for the youngsters. Duckie’s rainbow / Frances Barry.

Duckie's rainbow

The story progresses as you turn each page and also learn a new colour. When you get to the end, there’s a beautiful rainbow waiting.

page from Duckie's rainbow

Cuddly koala / illustrations and design by Jonathan Lambert ; written by Emma Goldhawk. If you aren’t able to tell from the cover picture below, this board book includes a big, soft and cuddly, full-sized koala hand puppet right in the middle. You can act things out with the koala as you tell the story.

Cuddly koala

The finger travel game / Herve Tullet.

The finger travel game

This is a novel approach (no pun intended): instead of a hole with a finger puppet sewn in, there’s just a hole! What are we supposed to do with that? Well, draw some faces on your fingers and have them star in their very own travel adventure.

page from The finger travel game

What’s the time, Clockodile? / text by Jonathan Litton ; illustrations, Fhiona Galloway. You guessed it, it’s dinner time! What’s that you say? It’s only 3:30 pm. Are you sure, because I’m staaarving! If you want to learn how to tell the time (and not pester mum how long ’till dinner) then this is the board book for you.

What's the time, Clockodile

Zip it! : a first book of fasteners / text by Patricia Hegarty; illustrations, Fhiona Galloway. At first glance you might think this is a book about telling your kids to “shut up!” but you’d be VERY wrong. Firstly, bad parenting! Secondly, don’t judge a book by it’s cover, man.

Zip it! a first book of fasteners

What it’s actually about is teaching children how to use the various types of fasteners that they find on their clothing so that one day they can confidently say to mum, “stand back, ma’am, I’ve got this.” Some of the examples included are zippers, buttons, Velcro snaps and shoelaces. But it doesn’t just give some one word instructions attached to a diagram, it has a working example of each fastener to practise on.

Totes amazeballoons! Seriously, it’s great fun and ‘physically’ educational, quite literally.

Zip it! p 1

Zip it! p 2    Zip it! p 3

How tiger says thank you! : an adventure in eight languages / by Abigail Samoun ; illustrated by Sarah Watts. This looks like a normal board book and in a sense, it is. It’s square-ish; has thick card pages; no wholes, puppets, zips or buttons. So what makes it different?

How tiger says thank you! an adventure in eight languages

As the title suggests, this book is about expanding your vocabulary to include a simple everyday word, “thank you”, in several different languages.

page from How tiger says thank you!

Good manners are free, so why not learn to be polite all over the world? Learn to speak politely and you’ll “thank me” in the long run, hyuck hyuck hyuck! [Boo! Get off! – Ed.]

Sorry. Anyway, moving right along, so on and so forth, etc. etc. There we are – the Wonderful World of Wondrous Board Books! Ta-daa!

We’ve somehow managed to stumble through another post together. I’ve hopefully managed to keep my job (despite one or two stale puns) and all is right with the world. The above titles will be available by the time you read this post, so come on in and borrow one or two, or more.

Don’t forget, Pram Jams (and Storytime) will be taking a break during the two weeks of school holidays, so we’ll see you in a bit.