“Sh, sh, ahh, Sh, sh, ahh,
Sh, sh, ahh, Sh, sh, ahh,
Ridin’ along on my pushbike, honey … “

When I fell off and broke my leg because I WASN’T PAYING ATTENTION!!!

(Ahem … )

What’s one thing we all like to do over the summer holiday period? [Assuming you get a holiday, grumble, grumble – Ed.] No, not eat freezing cold ice cream until we get a migraine and have to lie down in front of the air-con. Although …

Getting out and about, or travelling, is the answer of course! Unlike riding a bike, it doesn’t have to be dangerous if approached in a well planned and sensible manner (that means listening to mum and dad). It can, in fact, be a journey of adventure to wondrous places where you might meet interesting people and make new friends.

As you can imagine, we have lots of kids books about adventures (real and fantasy) but I’m going to focus on a few where travelling involves going by vehicle – not on foot for six months across rivers, mountains, forests, swamps, and plains until we reach the Black Gate of Mordor (I did that last year and my feet were blooming sore, I can tell you!)

Here’s a small selection:

Are We There Yet? : Lift the Flap and Play I-Spy!Are we there yet? : lift the flap and play I-spy! / Alison Lester.
“Join Grace and their family as they travel around Australia in this lift-the-flap version of Alison Lester’s much-loved, classic book, Are We There Yet? Specially adapted for younger children, this fun and playful story centres on everyone’s favourite travelling game, I-spy!”

Driving down to Grandma'sDriving down to grandma’s / Ian Whybrow ; Ed Eaves.
“Driving down to grandma’s with our mum off we go with a brum-brum-brum! Join in the fun as three little bears set off on a chaotic car journey with their mum down to grandma’s house. With lots of vehicle noises to call out, and a bee to spot on every spread, this bright book is perfect for sharing with toddlers.”

Maisy Goes on a PlaneMaisy goes on a plane / Lucy Cousins.
“Maisy is going to visit her friend Ella, and she is taking a plane to get there. She’s very excited! Join the mouse as she checks in at the airport, finds her seat (by the window!) and makes some new friends on her flight. From the whoosh at takeoff to waiting in line for the bathroom, from buckling seat belts to arriving in a whole new wonderful place, flying is more fun with a friend like Maisy on board.”

The finger travel gameYou might remember this one from my Wondrous Board Books post a while back: The finger travel game / Herve Tullet.
“Highly interactive book with die-cuts throughout that are ideal for developing visual awareness, creativity, and imagination. Featuring thick board pages that are perfect for little hands to hold and turn. Encourages young ones to exercise fine motor skills in the context of humour and play.”

If you’re thinking “yeh, right! I’ll take them out and about … in about 10 years! When they stop crying, food-barfing, nappy-pooping, running and screaming, tantrum-throwing or just generally embarrassing me and sapping my will to get out of bed in the morning” – then this title might be for you:

On the go with baby : a stress-free guide to getting across town or around the world / Ericka Lutz.

On the Go with Baby : A Stress-Free Guide to Getting Across Town or Around the World“A pack-up-and-go guide to get you and baby out of the house and on your way. From shopping at the grocery store to traveling Europe, parents will learn how to leave the house with their kids without having a panic attack. A reassuring book for parents who feared they’d never leave the house once they had kids.”

Okay. Let’s lighten the mood back up with some rhymes that will make that journey fun and enjoyable.

If you’re looking for any “Wheels on the Bus” titles, you’ll find several here.

Here’s a great rhyme for you to practice with the little’uns before you even step outside:

A Smooth Road

We’re going on a smooth road, a smooth road,
A smooth road, a smooth road
(with baby on your knees, stroke their legs on each ‘smooth road’)
We’re going on a bumpy road, a bumpy road,
A bumpy road, a bumpy road
(bounce baby gently on ‘bumpy road’)
We’re going on a rough road, a rough road,
A rough road,  a rough road
(bounce baby more vigorously on ‘rough road’)
Oh-oh! … a hole!
(open your legs and let your child gently fall through)

Looking for somewhere a bit further afield to visit, why not a trip to the moon:

Zoom, zoom, zoom

So here we are, we’ve reached our final destination: the end of this blog. But don’t let that be the end of your travels, there’s a whole wide world out there for you to explore.

I, for example, will be leaving on a quest: I must travel to the distant White Freezer of Kitchenalia where I shall confront my arch nemesis, King Cyrus of Persia [is he talking about that fancy ice cream with pistachios in it? – Ed.] whom I had previously imprisoned using an ice spell. Glory and victory awaits. Farewell!