Just in the nick of time, it’s time for another pram jam blog post, yay! Can you guess what the theme this time might be? Need some time to think about it? A moment more?

Nope, too slow, we’re out of time! [Just tell them!!! – Ed.]

Okay, okay, our theme for this post is … da-da-da-DA! … TIME.

time passing photo

Photo by stevepb (Pixabay)

Time is a relative thing and as we get older time definitely seems to go faster and faster. So much so, we’ve invented ways of marking it out, chopping it up and measuring it – so that we can know just how quickly it’s dissappearing! Learning to think about time, in practical and conceptual terms, is quite the challenge for young minds and a book or two is always there to help us down that path to understanding.

Let’s start out slowly, time in the larger sense. In nature we can go by time of the year, the seasons, and narrow that down to day and night:

All through the year
/Jane Godwin and Anna Walker.

All Through the Year

The ABC book of seasons
/Helen Martin, Judith Simpson,
Cheryl Orsini.

The ABC Book of Seasons

I love you night and day
/Smriti Prasadam-Halls.

I Love You Night and Day

Sunrise, moonrise
/Betsy Thompson.

Sunrise, Moonrise

As we get older, and busier, we not only need to know what and where, but also when – exactly when. And that means being able to tell the time by reading a clock. Scary!

Tick tock Dog : a tell the time book
/Emma Dodd

Tick Tock Dog : A Tell the Time Book - with a Special Movable Clock!

What’s the time, Spot?
/Eric Hill.

What's the Time Spot?

What’s the time, Clockodile?
/Jonathan Litton

What's the Time, Clockodile? : A Clickety-Clackety Clock Book!

Lift-the-flap Telling the Time

This one is a thoroughly comprehensive “how to” of time in a fun, interactive, lift-the-flap book style:

Telling the time
/Rosie Hore


Of course, there are other kinds of time: check out Mary’s post about bed time ; or Briana’s post on bath time. And there’s always a dinner time somewhere [trust you to think of that one – Ed.] or even a party time!

Well, guess what? I’m all out of time. I guess we’ll see you at the next Storytime or Rhyme Time … err, Pram Jam. Bye!