Hi again. Time for another Pram Jam blog. Over the time we’ve been doing these regular kids blog posts we have had several great developmental learning blogs that have focused on a particular conceptual theme. Today, for mine,  I’ve decided to pick out:


shapes gif

[Apologies if you find gifs (moving picture files) annoying, I’m going through a phase!]

As you can see, they come in all sizes and … er, shapes. Like colours, this is one of the first visually linked concepts that youngsters are able to grasp – if you have some old-school coloured wooden blocks, then they can grasp the concept quite literally!

Babies understand shapes by touch, feel and taste (yes, babies put things in their mouths to learn) so showing them shapes and telling them what those shapes are called is great for their development when they do start to speak and form words. You’ll be surprised at how quickly they start to name everything once they know how.

As with most things, it is best to start out with the most basic and easily recognisable forms first. Start with the Square, Circle and Triangle. Then add extras like the Rectangle, Star shape and Oval, etc. If you are keen you can find all sorts of free online resources to help you along the learning path, like the printable shape queue cards below (click the image to go to the link):



There are many board books about shapes and first concepts. Here are just a few (click cover to go to the title):

I'm learning shapes    See & spy shapes  Shapes  Let's learn shapes

There are also some more advanced shapes themed books in JK (junior kindy). I thoroughly recommend the nice little series below. Each title covers a particular shape, weaving it into both the narrative and pictures in clever and often subtle ways that will make you and your child think more closely at how things really look and what shapes they are made of. We have:

Take a circleTake a lineTake a square, and Take a triangle by Britta Teckentrup.

Take a circle   Take a line  Take a square  Take a triangle

If this is all starting to sound suspiciously like learning to your child, why not distract them with something singable (is that even a word?). Do you know any rhymes about shapes? Neither did I. That’s what the internet is for! Here’s some familiar melodies that have been changed to suit the theme at hand. Best of all, they are begging you to use props when you sing them. Who doesn’t love a good prop?


Sung to: “Frere Jacques”

This is a square, this is a square,
How can you tell? How can you tell?
It has four sides,
All the same size.
It’s a Square, It’s a Square.

This is a circle, this is a circle.
How can you tell? How can you tell?
It goes round and round,
No end can be found.
It’s a circle, It’s a circle.

This is a triangle, this is a triangle.
How can you tell? How can you tell?
It only has three sides,
That join to make three points.
It’s a Triangle, It’s a triangle.

This is a Rectangle, This is a rectangle.
How can you tell? How can you tell?
It has two short sides
And it has two long sides.
It’s a rectangle, It’s a rectangle.

What Shape is this?

Sung to: “The Muffin Man”

Do you know what shape this is,
What shape this is, what shape this is?
Do you know what shape this is
I’m holding in my hand?

Yes, we know what shape this is,
What shape this is, what shape this is?
Yes, we know what shape this is
It’s a (insert shape name here)

Hah! Wasn’t that fun? I’m on a roll. And what shape rolls? Well, silly, it can only be a …