Hello again. This coming Sunday is Mother’s Day – in case you needed a reminder, which you shouldn’t if you know what’s good for you – so I thought this week’s blog was the perfect opportunity to get in early and earn some brownie points.

What should we do to make the most important person to us in the whole wide world know just how much we love them? Well, we could start by making her the bestest breakfast ever made in the history of … er, breakfast, and stuff.

For some great tips on how not to achieve this, read and laugh with The (almost) perfect Mother’s Day / by Rachel Vail ; illustrations by Steve Björkman. the almost perfect day

Mother’s Day isn’t just about my mum and yours, for young children it’s a whole world of first concepts: my mum; me; where we come from; the wonder of life; the special bond between mother and child and what it means; motherhood itself; and so on – there’s quite a lot to think about!

Why not sneak in a bit of learning and introduce your bub to Where’s my mummy? / illustrated by Sarah Ward. In this little lift-the-flap board book we learn about mummies and babies and who belongs to whom. The illustrations are adorable. So cute! Where's my mummy

So, while mum is noshing away at our fantabulously prepared breakfast, what rhymes can we sing to her on her special day? Well, I think these two are just the ticket: Happy Mother's Day to You   Dear Mother

I know, I know, they are so overflowing with saccharine-sweet sentimentality it’s almost giving me diabetes! But I ask you, on which other day of the year are we allowed to get away with it?

So, from me, the YPS (Young People’s Services) team and all the staff at Cockburn Public Libraries, to each and every one of you amazingly special mums out there …

Happy Mother’s Day!