Hi again! I’m back (ahead of schedule) to bring you another random but entertaining and, of course, always educational blog post.

Last week was National Simultaneous Storytime and the story that was chosen and read, at our Pram Jams as well as the usual Storytimes, was a picture book titled I Got This Hat by Jol & Kate Temple.

Someone thought it would be fitting and fun for us to wear hats ourselves and many library staff got in the spirit and did so:


The book (and the hats) solved the perennial problem of a theme for this post. The theme is:


Most of us just think of clothes as a top and pants [and hopefully underpants! – Ed.] but “clothes” includes everything else we wear too: shoes, socks, ties, scarves and, of course, hats! Then there’s the most important bit about clothes – putting them on, or “getting dressed” as the fancy grown ups call it.

Here’s a selection of clothes related books to read with your kids:

All sorts of clothes / written by Hannah Reidy ; illustrated by Emma Dodd.

All Sorts of Clothes!

As the title suggests this book describes a variety of different clothes that children wear, such as a soft sweatshirt, a frilly dress, and a baseball cap.

Clothes = Les vêtements : English–French / designed by Christangelos Seferiadis.

My First Bilingual Book - ClothesGuaranteed to enrich a toddler’s vocabulary, this title, from a simple and fun series of bilingual board books, is ideal for helping children discover two languages by learning words for their favourite clothing and accessories. Featuring vibrant illustrations and clear text, My First Bilingual Board Book–Clothes is a child’s perfect introduction to exploring languages.

King Thistle’s new clothes.
Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom : King Thistle's New ClothesSnooty King and Queen Marigold are coming to visit, but when the King’s new clothes get dirty Nanny cleans them and, along with the King’s old clothes, accidentally shrinks them. With nothing else to wear, Nanny magics some clothes for the King from vegetables in the kitchen.

Naked Trevor / Rebecca Elliott.

Naked TrevorMeet Trevor! He’s no ordinary bird. In fact, if you peel back the novelty leaves, you’ll discover he’s completely naked! It’s a well-kept secret that all birds are actually naked, but every morning they put on their feathery clothes and go about their day. Trevor doesn’t want to conform with feathered society and refuses to wear his sparrow outfit, much to the horror of his family. In a quest to find his own unique look, Trevor crashes into a pile of sticky mud and colourful flowers. He ends up looking the best he ever has, inspiring the creatures around him to shed their own boring outfits!

We don’t just have to read about clothes and getting dressed, though. Why not sing a rhyme or two, put in some actions and mimic getting dressed? One day, with a bit of practise and patience, we’ll be able to do it all by ourselves!

This is the Way … We Get Dressed
(Sung to: “Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush”)

This is the way we put on our shirt,
put on our shirt,
put on our shirt,
This is the way we put on our shirt
So early in the morning.

(Repeat: “put on our pants”, shorts, hat, shoes, etc.)

Let’s Put On Our Socks
(Sung to: “Hickory, Dickory, Dock”)

Hickory, dickory, dock.
Let’s put on our socks.
We’ll walk around,
Without a sound,
When we put on our socks.

(Repeat: “slide on our socks”, “tiptoe in our socks”, etc.)

I hope this has given you some ideas about how to make a sometimes dull and boring, or even frustrating, daily ritual a bit more fun and exciting. If you have a favourite book, rhyme or story about clothes and putting them on, please leave a comment.