I realise that this is possibly not the most original blog topic ever… but I couldn’t help myself! My kids and I have been having a wonderful time as the weather shifts into winter, snuggling up and toasting marshmallows by the camp fire in the freezing cold, riding bikes and dodging storms, singing songs and crafting up a storm at Shan’s storytimes. Together this week we made the most gorgeous rain-bow cloud and the toddler has been running around the house, shaking the cloud on people and saying ‘I rain on you! I rain on you!’ He has developed a special affinity with rainbows as his self recognition increases and it’s been so gorgeous to see how that shows through in his playing games. A cupboard full of ikea plastics led to a very fun and totally toddler led rainbow activity and reminded me about just how important play based learning really is.

I had a great time reading these books while ‘researching’ for this week’s blog, they are simple, colourful and engaging, and I am sure that you will enjoy reading them with your children!


Weather / Jan Pienkowski.

worm weather

Worm weather / by Jean Taft ; illustrated by Matt Hunt.


Rain or shine : lift the flaps with Snip & Snap / Diane and Christyan Fox.

millie-mae-in summermillie-mae-in-autumnmillie-mae-in wintermillie-mae-in spring



The Millie-Mae board books by Natalie Marshall are gorgeous! A perfect introduction for your baby to the differences between each season, with cute touch-and-feel elements in each book. You’re not likely to find these on the shelf so best to use that library card and pin and place a reservation 🙂

We’ve been watching lots of old Play School clips on YouTube, and these two songs are ones that we’ve added to the Pram Jam song list at Coolbellup as a result of how popular they’ve been at home. I hope that you like them as much as we do!

Drip Drop (Splish splosh splash)Drip Drop

As term 2 draws to an end and we head into the depths of Winter proper, it’s lovely to reflect on how much the kids have learnt and grown already this year. I am looking forward to seeing what the rest of the year (in particular Spring!) has to bring. Our Pram Jams at Coolbellup are humming along nicely and I hope that everyone is enjoying the sessions as much as I am. We have lots of exciting events and celebrations coming up over the coming months, so get ready to mark out your calendars! Children’s Book Week in August and the City of Cockburn Teddy Bear’s Picnic in October are the two big ones that come to mind – the ones that I am most excited about 😉