Hello lovely Pram Jam families! After the thrill of a week off work and a flying visit to Melbourne earlier this month, I am feeling a little SAD this week 🙁 The weight of the world is on my shoulders and I have very little motivation to embrace the remainder of term 3 – which is terrible because this is a very special time of the year for us Library folk, with Children’s Book Week just days away and lots of little minds in need of constant stimulation and loving support. When I am feeling down I will often turn to my favourite authors and illustrators for some reassuring comfort and familiarity, losing myself in gorgeous stories that take me away to other places. And so, this week, I am writing about the very talented Australian author and illustrator, Freya Blackwood.


(image source: http://www.freyablackwood.com.au/)

Alright, I will admit it:  I have a massive crush on Freya Blackwood. I stalk her facebook page hoping to see sneak peeks of her newest projects. I have renewed her books more times than is technically permitted because I am still marveling over the perfection of her illustrations.  I read them during Pram Jam with any excuse. I have even subscribed to her Etsy store so that I don’t miss out when she next restocks her prints and greeting cards (I do pride myself on being a dedicated Hallmark avoider!). I could easily read one of her many books at each and every bedtime. For my middle two boys, the stories are touching and realistic, they find the mess of the home in Go to sleep, Jessie! particularly reassuring – hah! For my youngest, the accompanying images tell him so many stories and he will flick through the pages himself, making up the words as he goes along. The story that he tells to accompany the illustrations in Hattie helps out is particularly cute 😉



The City of Cockburn Libraries catalogue holds many Freya Blackwood titles, but because she is listed as the illustrator on most you can’t simply go to the B box in the Junior Kindy collection and find them all. Freya collaborates with authors such as Libby Gleeson, Margaret Wild, Jane Godwin, Jan Ormerod, Irena Kobald, Nick Bland, Emma Allen, and most recently, Danny Parker. You can find all our Freya Blackwood titles on the library catalogue and place reservations to have them held for you at your closest library branch:  Freya Blackwood titles

For the horse crazy kids and those who appreciate traditional ballads, Freya has also created amazing images to accompany two of Banjo Paterson’s works. The man from Snowy River tells a captivating tale, which invites reading and re-reading again and again, and Waltzing Matilda is a long time favourite for my clan 🙂


So, there you go, I could and would harp on about Freya’s work all day, but I want to go home and dive under my quilt (with a book, and a cup of tea, of course!). I’m going to regroup and refocus and see you all next week at some of our Children’s Book Week events, Pram Jam at Coolbellup is on at 10am on Monday morning and you will never guess which CBCA nominated book we’re going to be reading… go on, it’s an easy guess! Perfect, by Danny Parker and Freya Blackwood 😉  See you then!