This book was nominated as Notable in the Picture Book of the Year 2017.

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Oh, Albert! / Davina Bell and Sara Acton

I have a one year old Labrador and the author of this book, Davina Bell, must have peered into my house and written about my dog. In Oh, Albert, Albert is a dog who, when no one is around, can’t help but find something precious to eat, chew and destroy. His family get mad at every destroyed item, until one day, Albert eats something he shouldn’t! At the vets, the family realises they don’t really care about the things Albert has eaten, but they do care a lot about Albert.

This is a sweet, hilarious, and incredibly true-to-life story about life with a dog who just can’t help themselves when the need to chew arises. If you have a naughty dog at home that sounds a little bit like Albert, then I highly recommend this book for your family. I bought a copy as soon as I read it as a reminder that belongings and items can be replaced, but four-legged family members can’t.

My own personal Albert.