Hi there guys, hope you are all well! How fast is this year flying by? Feels like Christmas was only just here and now we have Easter! Hands up who is looking forward to the Easter break?
Due to the Good Friday Holiday we are closed Friday – so that means we will only have one storytime this week at Success and Spearwood (Tuesday) I know, sad; but it will be lots of fun and there will be sweet surprise for all the storytime kiddies. Coolbellup is having their Easter storytime, as usual, on Wednesday.

Let’s talk about the books. We have  many fabulous Easter books in our collection, below are some of my favourites. If you click on the book image you will find yourself on our catalogue where you can read the summary or place a reservation. You can browse for more Easter books here 




Action Rhyme: “Hippity Hoppity, Easter Bunny”
Hippity, hoppity, Easter Bunny
Hippity, hoppity, Easter Bunny
Hippity, hoppity, Easter Bunny
Hopping all around
(Hopping, hopping, oh so quickly / Hop to the left and then to the right / Hopping high, then hopping higher / Hopping now much more slowly)
Credit: The Holiday Zone

Fingerplay: “Here Is a Bunny”
Here is a bunny with ears so funny (hold up index and middle fingers for ears)
And here is his hole in the ground (make a circle with the other hand)
At the first sound he hears, he pricks up his ears (extend two fingers)
And hops in the hole in the ground (fingers jump into the hole)



For loads of craft ideas check out our Easter Pinterest board:

Hope you have a wonderful Easter and eat way too much chocolate 🙂