Children’s Book Week Review – Wombat by Philip Bunting

Book cover for Wombat by Philip Bunting

Wombat. Twobats. Threebats. Morebats.

Wombat – written and illustrated by Philip Bunting.

This book, the latest from celebrated children’s author and illustrator Philip Bunting has been announced as an Notable title in the Children’s Book Council of Australia’s Book of the Year Awards – Picture Book of the Year 2021

Written in a similar style to Bunting’s 2018 Children’s Book Week awards Honour winning title Mopoke, Wombat tells a rolling rhyming story of a group of Wombats with surprising levels of humour.

Wombat book middle page spread 1

Redbat. Bluebat. Yellowbat. Vombat.

For pre-readers who like to guess at what’s coming up next, there are ample opportunities to surprise and delight in the unexpected in this book!

Wombat book middle page spread

Littlebat. Middlebat. Whopperbat.      Top hat.

But… but… okay. There’s no way that we would have guessed that one!

Wombat centre page spread likebat lovebat

Likebat.  Lovebat.

What do you think might come next? Maybe a little Wombat!?

Wombat centre page spread youngbat oldbat

Nawww, a hungry wombat and a baby wombat. The cutes!

Philip and his partner Laura (remember this name!) also provide the sweetest resource and activities page to accompany their books. I am itching to make some bunting with the end pages of Wombat, I adore the floral print which is hinted at in the O of the title page. I am sure that more goodies will be added that will delight all ages (thanks for acknowledging that not so little people like to craft and create as well!).

I hope that you enjoy sharing Wombat with your littles, and keep an eye out for Not Cute, another of Phil Buntings 2021 Children’s Book Week Awards titles. I think that this one will go far!


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