One of the books I have decided to review for Children’s Book Week this year has made the notables list under the section for Book of the Year: Early Childhood. You can check out the full list in this category here. So, the title I’m going to review is called:

Too busy sleeping by Zanni Louise (illustrated by Anna Pignataro).

Too Busy Sleeping


Mum arrives home with the new baby, Reuben. Eleanor (his older sister) gives him a kiss and asks mum if they can play together in the sand pit, but mum says, “the baby is too busy sleeping”.

Eleanor wants to do all sorts of things but each time she asks mum if the baby can come too it turns out “the baby is too busy sleeping”. She occupies her time doing all sorts of things while she waits for baby to be “awake” and it’s fun to see her slowly but surely getting annoyed about this haughty new baby that’s just too busy to play with her.


The story is sweet and subtle, gently paced and feels a bit old-fashioned – in a good way. It nicely depicts a young child’s emotions and misunderstandings of what is going on and it reminds us crusty old adults that simple things are not always so from a child’s perspective.


I also like the simple but beautifully drawn illustrations (I love that you can see the pencil lines underneath the watercolour work). I thoroughly recommend this book for reading to all young-ish children but definitely for reading to a youngster who has, or is about to receive, a new sibling. A lovely read.