We are officially halfway through the wonderful Bookvent Calendar.

Day 12

And today’s book was the newest in a series that takes its lead from This Little Piggy.

This Little Piggy Went Singing

This Little Piggy Went Singing by Margaret Wild and illustrated by Deborah Niland has the five little piggies that had roast beef, or none of it, the one that went to the market, or the one that stayed home. Those little piggies have some Christmas cheer and they are going to go singing.

Adventure World (1980s)


The lasting aspect of our bookvent calendar, since the books get borrowed so quickly, is a picture from the last thirty-five years of Cockburn which in this case is a picture of the wonderful Adventure World back in the 80s.

We are at the top of the hill now and Christmas is getting closer and closer. What is tomorrow’s book going to be?