Alfie’s Lost Sharkie by Anna Walker, a review

Anna Walker had three books in this year’s Children’s Book Council of Australia’s Notable lists – two as an author/illustrator and once as an illustrator. I am doing reviews on all of the books she has had in this year’s notable lists. You can check out my review on Mr Huff (which was the winner in the Early Childhood category), and keep an eye out for the last one – What Do You Wish For? which will be coming this afternoon.

This time around the book is Alfie’s Lost Sharkie, one of her author/illustrator books. It is quite a sweet book and this is Alfie’s second outing – the first book was Hurry Up Alfie.

Alfie is a crocodile. He should be getting ready for bed but he’s too busy looking for Sharkie. Throughout the book Alfie looks all over the house, and outside, for Sharkie with no luck as his mother or father are trying to get him ready for bed. Alfie’s parent keeps directing him back towards the next stage of the bath and bedtime routine in a series of events that feels very similar to me – and will to anyone who has tried to get a preoccupied child washed and in bed.

This is definitely a book for one-on-one, or lap Storytime enjoyment. Anna Walkers uses different font types to show different types of text – Alfie speaking and his parent speaking which is something that can really be enjoyed and discussed when books are shared intimately.

The delight of this book is, as always, the beautiful illustrations. Anna Walker is one of my favourite illustrators. Her books always feel delicate and detailed and she uses humour really effectively. There is depth and texture in her illustrations and I really enjoyed the illustrations in this book.

The text is simple – told entirely though speech, which allows the illustrations to add to the text very nicely.

Overall, I am giving this book a 3.5 out of five but I’m going to round it up to a four. This is a book for pre-school aged children around two.