Amazing Animals of Australia’s National Parks introduces kids to over 100 animals from 50 parks across all Australian States and Territories. This book was shortlisted in the Eve Pownall Award for Information Books category of the Children’s Book Council of Australia’s Book of the Year awards.

Written by Gina M. Newton, published by the National Library of Australia and with a foreword by the Governor General of Australia, Sir Peter Cosgrove, this book is a beautiful collection of images and information about some of Australia’s unique wildlife.

Dr Gina Newton is marine and freshwater ecologist and science communicator. She has worked for over 25 years in the Commonwealth Government sector – in the areas of fisheries, environmental reporting, climate change, and biodiversity conservation. She has published 2 previous children’s picture books and is currently working on a Young Adult fiction novel.

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This book is separated into sections by habitat: Woodlands & Grasslands, Forests, Rainforests, Arid Zones, Mountains, Wetlands & Waterways, Coasts Oceans & Islands and then a final section of Little Critters. In addition to these sections, there are also a couple of pages at the beginning of each section which describe the habitats in more detail.
Each animal’s page is very easy to read and informative, and the author has made a point of underlining certain words on each page that children may not know – these words can then be found in the glossary.
The information includes:

  • Animal’s scientific name
  • Habitat
  • List of National Parks where the species may occur
  • Quick facts about the species, and
  • The conservation status of the animals
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The Eve Pownall Award for Information books from the Children’s Book Council of Australia is awarded for:

Books which have the prime purpose of documenting factual material with imaginative presentation, and variation of style.

Some important requirements for a book to be considered for the Eve Pownall Award are that the book must include referencing, contents, bibliography, index and a glossary. All of these additions enhance the readers experience.

Amazing Animals of Australia’s National Parks was a really informative and interesting book. To check out some other Eve Pownall Award shortlisted and notable books, follow the link here.





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