“I’m Batman. I’m awesome. I’ve got a nine pack.”
If you are familiar with these lyrics then you are probably a parent of school-aged kids, like I am!
If you haven’t seen The LEGO Batman Movie yet… what are you waiting for? Reserve it now.

LEGO has changed a bit since I was a kid in the 80s. There are so many themes – Star Wars, City, Ninjago (the new movie is great, by the way!), Nexo Knights, Bionicles – and of course, the good old mixed bricks. Most children enjoy making LEGO creations and this love can be used to encourage reluctant readers by offering books centred on this product.

Cockburn Libraries have many LEGO-based books for children across the categories of junior fiction (kids novels/chapter books), early readers, picture books, graphic novels (comics) and non-fiction. I’ve chosen a few from different formats to review today.

Fright knight

Nexo Knights is a fairly new series and very popular (with my boys anyway!). There are a number of LEGO easy readers and they are regularly borrowed from the libraries. This particular item is a ‘Go!’ level reader, which means it is suitable for children who are able to read short chapter books.

LEGO Friends. Adventures in Heartlake City

Graphic novels, or comics, are popular with children who prefer more illustrations. This book features fives friends having fun and making a difference. It also includes articles about helping others, starting a business, fun activities and a quiz.

Revenge of the skull spiders

LEGO novels and chapter books are a fantastic way to get kids reading longer texts. This book from the Bionicle series features battles, rescues, ancient mysteries and monsters in a manageable number of pages for young readers.

365 things to do with LEGO bricks

As indicated by the title, this book suggests games and activities to do with LEGO bricks. In addition to building tips and ideas, there are challenges, active games, musical instruments and even pranks! The books includes a timer on the front cover with an activity selector, countdown, stopwatch and stop/start button.

Need more LEGO in your kids’ lives? Check out the LEGO Clubs at all three Cockburn Libraries.