Welcome to our new junior fiction blog!

What is junior fiction? Basically, books aimed at 7-17 year olds. Most books in this category are chapter books and have JF on the spine label.

So… why a junior fiction blog? Our popular Storytime blog reviews books for pre-schoolers so we thought it would be worthwhile and fun to start something similar for older kids. For this blog, we will discuss a particular author, series or theme and to start us off, I’ve chosen the fantastic ANDY GRIFFITHS!

Andy is a prolific writer of hilarious kids books (check out a list of them here!). He is also a very funny and engaging speaker so if you ever have the opportunity to take your kids to one of his events, I highly recommend it. We saw him at the 2016 Perth Writer’s Festival and he had all the adults and children in stitches. Andy’s upcoming events and other fun stuff can be found on his website.

Here at Success Library, we are big fans of Andy Griffith’s Treehouse series. We have included books from this series in our Children’s Book Week reviews and even hosted a fun make-your-own treehouse level school holiday activity earlier this year.

In the 2017 Civica Libraries Index, books from this series featured heavily:

  • 13th most borrowed book of 2017
  • 4th, 10th and 13th most borrowed Australian fiction books of 2017
  • #1 most borrowed by juniors, and five out of the top ten!

You can read these lists here.

For the few families who haven’t yet read any of these books, they are about young Andy and Terry (the illustrator) who live in a giant treehouse with all sorts of fun and crazy levels (such as a shark tank and a marshmallow machine). Each book adds another 13 levels to the treehouse and more escapades with the main characters and their friends. My kids love this series and read them over and over, which I think is a great indicator of their appeal.

Another Andy Griffiths series that kids can’t seem to resist is the Bum trilogy (hey, what kid can resist a book about bums?!). Bum-fighters, a bumcano and an army of Great White Bumosaurs! The day my bum went psycho, Zombie bums from Uranus and Bumageddon: the final pongflict take children on a funny (and gross) adventure as the main character tries to prevent the world being taken over by bums.  

A TV series based on these books is also available on DVD

Being such an awesome and popular author means that most of Andy Griffith’s books are usually out on loan but you can have a look and reserve them using the library catalogue.