The October school holiday theme this year was ‘Science You Can Eat’ and on Tuesday at Success Library, we had great fun exploring and eating juicy science!

We performed three experiments that I found in a book named Edible science: experiments you can eat (more on the book later…)

Juicy science experiments

The three experiments/recipes were:


OSMOSIS – Juicy Fruit Salad – watch how juice is made

We mixed fruit with sugar and lemon juice then set it aside for 20 minutes. After this time, we could see that a syrup had been created. This is because juice from inside the fruit moved into the liquid to even out the ratio of water to sugar molecules… osmosis in action! Delicious osmosis. We all ate a big bowl of sweet fruit salad for morning tea.



ACID- BASE REACTION – Orange Soda – watch a reaction happen

This simple acid-base reaction involved mixing sodium bicarbonate (a base) with orange juice (citric acid) to produce bubbly carbon dioxide. The kids could then drink the fizzy orange “soda” but most chose to continue experimenting, adding more bicarb and creating lots of fun fizz!



EMULSION – Orange Vinaigrette (salad dressing) – some things won’t mix

“Oil and water don’t mix” but if you shake them in a jar, they will! This is called an emulsion and we made ours using olive oil, juice and vinegar (with optional salt and pepper). The children observed the layers formed by these ingredients then gave their vinaigrette a good shake to mix them up. We took home our salad dressings and my son and I enjoyed ours for lunch the following day.



Juicy science books










Edible science: experiments you can eat includes these and many more fun and yummy food experiments. I particularly want to eat… I mean, make… the Baked Alaska. I’m going to try that one at home with my kids to investigate insulation (and make a delicious dessert!). The maple candy is also appealing to my sweet tooth 🙂

A similar book is Science experiments you can eat. I haven’t tried anything from that one yet so let me know how you go and what you learned about food and science!

Juicy science photos

I’ve included some of my favourite photos below but you can check out all of our school holiday Science You Can Eat fun HERE