If you thought 2015 was HUGE!!! (We had 15,441 children (and Pram Jam parents) attend events last year).

Then 2016 was MASSIVE!!!!!

We had 18,162 children, and Pram Jam parents, attend events this year.

There were 194 Storytime sessions. 131 Pram Jam sessions. With 501 events overall throughout the year.
There were events during all four school holidays. We had Halloween again, we introduced Learning English Through Storytime. Had three big competitions during Children’s Book Week, and other special events throughout the year. Not to mention our after school clubs, outreach sessions, and attending things like Hello Baby and Teddy Bear’s Picnic.

Thank you to all of the parents who brought along their children. All the children who joined in with our range of sessions and made them all so much fun and so successful. And all of the staff who work so hard to make it all possible. It was an amazing 2016!