Calling all children to join the hunt for the Golden Feather at Cockburn Libraries.

In the lead up to the Scribblers Festival in May, the festival organisers have hidden feather-shaped bookmarks (inspired by the Scribblers owl mascot) in children’s and young adult books in public libraries across the State – including in all Cockburn Libraries.

Among the feathers distributed there are a handful of special ‘Golden Feather’ bookmarks which, when uncovered, will result in a major prize for some lucky readers! Some treasure hunters may also stumble across a silver feather and win a FREE book.

feather bookmark sticking out of a book

Find a feather bookmark. It could be golden!

Scribblers Festival 8-12 May 2019.

Scribblers Festival is a celebration of the magic and discovery that happens when a child reads a book. The festival hopes to encourage young readers to explore the adventures that await them on the shelves of their local libraries.

 Find out more about the Scribblers Festival or pick up a printed program from the library when you next visit.

Stuffed owl toy with feather bookmarks & printed programs