Gallipoli Medals

Gallipoli Medals by Goldie Alexander

This is the second of the books about ANZAC Day that I have read and would recommend for reading with children.

The last one was for pre-school aged children – Why Are They Marching, Daddy?

This one is, in my opinion, for children from years one to four or ages 6+. The writing isn’t difficult but it deals with heavier topics.

Jaxson, the main character in the book, and his family are given his great great uncle (GG uncle)’s ANZAC Commemorative Medallion and it sets the family on a mission to find out if it did belong to their John Donaghue. Jaxson then goes further and begins to look into the Gallipoli Campaign. The book is written entirely as journal entries (mostly Jaxson’s diary but with some from John’s as well) but the part that I found poignant is the presence of Jaxson’s best friend – Ali. Ali’s family moved to Australia from Turkey in the 80s and the more Jaxson learns the more conflicted he becomes about his friendship with Ali. Overall the book’s message is about respect and knowledge of the ANZAC story but also about the aftermath and how people move past what happens in a war. And serves as a reminder that there were two sides fighting at Gallipoli and it is always wise to look at these events from both sides not just the Australian perspective.

This is one of the books and resources being looked at as part of our ANZAC100years tag. Keep an eye out for more.