One of the best parts of Storytime for kids is doing some craft they can take home with them. And they are mostly unaware of the socialisation involved, the practise sharing and using scissors, glue, and crayons/textas/pencils, or that they are improving their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. We, as adults, know all of that but the kids are just excited about getting to make cool stuff and play with glitter (I love glitter) and then take their craft home to show it off.

To extend this, and allow children to interact with their craft in a different way – digitally, I’m going to continue what I did last year and take photos of craft on some Storytime days and share their craft on our flickr and here on the blog. This means that children can share what they have done with family that is away and also see it in another way.

This post will be updated through the year as I take new photos so check it out as we go along.