Hello Creative Kids.

Can you believe it…its Lego Club again!

I have a feeling that it will not be too long before we can actually meet up at Coolbellup Library for Lego, but until then why don’t you try out this Lego photo frame at home.

The frame is pretty simple to make and you could whip a few in no time if you had lots of photos.

Gather up your Lego and let’s get started.

You will need a small board for the base, just a little bigger than your photo.

Place some 2×4 blocks down on the base board; this is where your photo will rest.

Next, gather up all the 1×2 blocks you can find.  These will become the pillars to hold up your photo.

Make four pillars out of your 1×2 blocks.  The pillars need to be the same height as your photo, so for my photo I used eleven blocks per pillar.

Place the pillars onto the row of 2×4 blocks and slide your photo between the pillars.

Next grab a couple of longer blocks, in this case I used two 2×8 blocks; and place them over the top of the photo and attach them to the pillars.

Place at least one 2×4 brick over the top to hold the longer bricks together and you’re done.

As with all of your wonderful Lego creations, let your imagination go wild and see what you can come up with.  Could you use different sized blocks?  How could you decorate these frames?

I really love the look of this photo frame and it will live on my work desk forever (along with the picture of my gorgeous dog, Winnie)

I think that these would make a lovely present for your family.

I hope that you enjoy making these Lego photo frames, next week we’re becoming Science Superheroes again.

Take care Creative Kids,


Top Image: Pixabay