Hello Creative Kids,

It’s Lego Club!!

I know how much you all love coming to Coolbellup Library and getting creative with Lego and we staff at the library love to have your amazing designs on display for the next month.  Unfortunately this can’t happen at the moment as we are all staying home to keep our community safe.  I hope that you have some Lego at home to keep busy.

Lego is a fabulous thing to build and play with and I encourage you to play with it as much as possible.  Did you know that when you are playing with Lego, coming up with all the amazing ideas that I know you have in your brilliant minds, you are actually learning*. So tell your parents that Lego is important and that Carlie from the library says that you should play with it all the time.

My family and I have always enjoyed playing with Lego and with all the extra time we have at home we have been trying out some different ways to use Lego.  Our favourite has been Lego self-portraits.  A self-portrait is simply a picture of you.  A picture like this isn’t too difficult to make and for us the trickiest part was finding all the matching Lego pieces.  Here is my son’s self-portrait.  What do you think?

I wish that I could see all your Lego self-portraits. Have fun playing and learning with Lego.

Next week we’ll be looking at backyard activities to keep you moving.

Take care Creative Kids,


*For Parents.

Lego really is fabulous for young minds and the benefits that children get from playing with Lego are amazing.  Through play your children are developing skills such as; persistence, planning skills, problem solving and mathematical thinking skills, spatial awareness, fine motor skills, creativity and so many more.  If they’re getting bored or have had enough school work, send them off to play with Lego.