Flower Wall Hanging

Hello Creative Kids.

It’s Killer Craft week – woohoo!

This week we are going to be using cardboard rolls to make a beautiful wall hanging. This craft takes a bit of time, so perhaps you would like to try it on the weekend.

Cardboard Roll Flowers

What you will need:

  • Cardboard rolls
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Paint and paint brush
  • A stick or chopstick

What to do:

Squash your cardboard roll to make it flat. Use your scissors to cut the roll into thin strips.

Get out your paint and individually paint the inside and outside of the strips of cardboard roll.  This gets really messy, so put down some newspaper.

You will need to set up some kind of rack to dry your strips.  I placed a stick between two mugs.

Once your strips are dry you can start putting your flowers together. Using your glue; put a dab on one side of a strip and glue it to another. Keep going until you get five or six together in the shape of a flower. 

You can stop with a small flower or you could keep adding until you run out of cardboard roll strips.

I love the versatility of this craft.  You could use as many colours as you like and you could make many different size flowers.

I hope that you enjoy making these wall hangings; they will look awesome on any wall.

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If you like this type of craft and recycling materials into cool craft, here’s a book full of ideas.

Next week its Lego Club again.

Take care Creative Kids,