For those mums who asked me for the cinnamon dough recipe at the Coolbellup Library Storytime on Wednesday, here it is:
1 cup of cinnamon
2 cups of boiling water
1 1/2 cups of plain flour

Combine boiling water and cinnamon in a medium sized bowl. The cinnamon will become a stretchy paste.

Add plain flour half a cup at a time. By the end of adding the flour, you will need to place on a lightly floured board and give the dough a good knead to get a nice and consistent dough.

Storytime COO 10-12-14 (17)

Roll out dough. Cut out shapes free hand or use cookie cutters.

For an extra touch, you can use some glitter glue to decorate. Don’t forget to add a hole where you’d like to tie some ribbon to hang on your Christmas tree or make a mobile.

Turn the shapes over when you can see them drying out so they dry flat and don’t turn up at the edges. They will take a couple of days to air dry completely.

Merry Christmas!

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