Children’s Book Council of Australia – Young Readers Book of the Year 2017

Here is the list of notable books for the Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA) Book of the Year: Younger Readers category. This category is full of books that cover a range of topics that fit into our Junior Fiction collection.

Cybertricks by Goldie Alexander (not currently available but I’m working on it)
Rockhopping by Trace Balla
Blueberry Pancakes Forever by Angelica Banks
Magrit by Lee Battersby and illustrated by Amy Daoud
Within These Walls by Robyn Bavati
Yong: The Journey of an Unworthy Son by Janeen Brian
Freedom Swimmer by Wai Chim
The Family with two Front Doors by Anna Ciddor
The Pearl-Shell Diver: A Story of Adventure from the Torres Straits by Kay Crabbe
Wicked’s Way by Anna Fienberg
A Most Magical Girl by Karen Foxlee
Fizz and the Police Dog Tryouts by Lesley Gibbes and illustratd by Stephen Michael King
Toad Delight by Morris Gleitzman
Daystar: The Days are Numbered by Anne Hamilton
Iris and the Tiger by Leanne Hall
Daughter of Nomads by Rosanne Hawke
Lily in the Mirror by Paula Hayes
The Fail Safe by Jack Heath
The Unforgettable What’s His Name by Paul Jennings and illustrated by Craig Smith
Theophilus Grey and the Traitor’s Mask by Catherine Jinks
When the Lyrebird Calls by Kim Kane
Ruby Wishfingers: Skydancer’s Escape by Deborah Kelly and illustrated by Leigh Hedstrom
Ruby Red Shoes Goes to London by Kate Knapp
Elizabeth and Zenobia by Jessica Miller
The Lost Sapphire by Belinda Murrell
The Twins of Tintarfell by James O’Loghlin
Dragonfly Song by Wendy Orr
Mrs Whitlam by Bruce Pascoe
Pocket Rocket by Ellyse Perry & Sherryl Clark
The Other Christy by Oliver Phommavanh
Wormwood Mire: A Stella Montgomery Intrigue by Judith Rossell
Artie and the Grime Wave by Richard Roxburgh
LIzzie and Margaret Rose by Pamela Rushby
Shoot-Out at the Rock by Jane Smith and illustrated by Pat Kan
Captain Jimmy Cook Discovers Third Grade by Kate Temple & Jol Temple and illustrated by John Foye
What’s in a Name? by Myles Walsh and illustrated by Pitcha Makin Fellas
Squishy Taylor and the Bonus Sisters by Ailsa Wild and illustrated by Ben Wood
The Secrets We Keep by Nova Weetman
The Shark Caller by Dianne Wolfer

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