Children’s Book Week Review – Let Me Sleep, Sheep!

by Meg McKinlay
illustrated by Leila Rudge

Let Me Sleep, Sheep! is one of this year’s Children’s Book Council of Australia notable titles, in both the Picture Book of the Year and Early Childhood: Book of the Year categories.   

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Let Me Sleep, Sheep!

When Amos starts counting sheep, there’s one thing he doesn’t quite count on …

How’s he supposed to sleep when the sheep land – Thud! THUD! – in his bedroom?


This zany tale of bedtime shenanigans is the new picture book from the award-winning duo behind No Bears and Once Upon A Small Rhinoceros.

It’s bedtime and young Amos is trying to get himself to sleep using the most time-honoured, traditional of ways: counting sheep!

He closed his eyes and smiled as fluffy white sheep trotted away across the grass.

“One,” he said. “Two.”

Suddenly, there was a loud THUD.
And then another.

Amos finds his bedroom is now occupied by two real-life sheep! And they don’t seem too pleased to be there. And their names are Felix and Walter, not sheep “One” and sheep “Two” thank you very much!

Now things are getting complicated. The sheep won’t leave until Amos has finished counting them. And he can’t continue to do that until he provides an officially approved fence for them to jump over!

What ensues is a playful, funny and silly exchange between Felix, Walter and Amos as they negotiate (and re-negotiate) the terms and conditions of tonight’s bedtime procedure.

The back-and-forth verbal fencing between them is a real joy to read out loud. (Make sure to do some silly voices!)

The illustration work in this book is also a highlight. The artist has managed to make the pictures both colourful and interesting and, at the same time, soft and restrained – I’d even say soothing and peaceful. Which is the perfect balance to strike when illustrating an adventure about getting to sleep at bedtime!

I’m sure you and your children would enjoy reading Let Me Sleep, Sheep! So give it a go tonight.