Children’s Book Council of Australia’s Book of the Year – Eve Pownall Award for Information Books Notable List 2021

Each year the Children’s Book Council of Australia announces their Book of the Year across six categories: Older Readers, Younger Readers, Early Childhood, Eve Pownall Award for Information Books, Picture Book of the Year, and the CBCA Award for New Illustrators. On Tuesday 23 February they announced their notable lists. On 30 March the Shortlist will be announced and on Friday 20 August the winners will be announced.

These books represent the very best of Australian writing and illustration. Below is the Notable list for the Eve Pownall Award for Information Books. Reserve your copy today.

Entries in this category should be books which have the prime intention of documenting factual material with consideration given to imaginative presentation, interpretation and variation of style. Ages 0-18 years

The Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Dangerous Animals by Sami Bayly
Azaria: A True History by Maree Coote
The Daddy Animal Book by Jennifer Cossins
The Mummy Animal Book by Jennifer Cossins
Dry to Dry: The Seasons of Kakadu by Pamela Freeman, with illustrations by Liz Anelli
Strangers on Country by David Hartley & Kirsty Murray, with illustrations by Dub Leffler
There’s a Zoo in my Poo by Felice Jacka, with illustrations by Rob Craw
Little Lon by Andrew Kelly, with illustrations by Mark Jackson & Heather Potter
Saltie Mumma by Sandra Kendall
Hold On! Saving the Spotted Handfish by Gina M Newton, with illustrations by Rachel Tribout
Australia’s Wild Weird Wonderful Weather by Stephanie Owen Reeder, with illustrations by Tania McCartney
Will the Wonderkid: Treasure Hunter of the Australian Outback by Stephanie Owen Reeder
Shirley Purdie: My Story, Ngaginybe Jarragbe by Shirley Purdie
Kookaburra by Claire Saxby, with illustrations by Tannya Harricks
Matthew Flinders – Adventures on Leaky Ships by Carole Wilkinson, with illustrations by Prue Pittock

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