Children’s Book Week Review – Who am I?

Who am I? – Philip Bunting

2021 Notable in the Picture Book of the Year Category


“The unexamined life is not worth living.” – Socrates

Have you ever wondered what it is that make you uniquely YOU?  Has your little person ever asked questions that you had to think about before you answered?  Have they made statements that make you question your own values and beliefs?

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So, if I’m not
my name
my place
my stuff
my gender
my skin colour
my muscles
my bones
my guts and stuff
my senses
my thoughts, or
my feelings…
Who am I?

Who am I? could be described as Existentialism for pre-schoolers. It attempts to answer life’s big questions in a way that is not only age appropriate, but also with kindness and a gentle dose of humour.

Breaking down what it is that makes us who we are, Bunting works from the outside in. From our homeland to our inner most thoughts, from our skin to our feelings, the author demonstrates that these things only make up a tiny portion of what makes us…well, us!

This is such a huge topic and I admire anyone who even attempts to answer the big questions in life.  Bunting nails it!

By going through all the different elements that make us who we are, the author makes the individual feel that they are special and unique, whilst simultaneously reminding us that we are all part of the bigger picture.  We are all a combination of different basic things, but in the end we are all essentially the same.

Girls, boys and everyone in between, we are all a part of the same whole. We are all just people, and all people are equal.

Bunting’s illustrations are always bright and engaging and this book this no different.  The pictures are vibrant and clever with many little details to engage the reader.

This is truly and beautiful book that I have no hesitation in recommending to you.  It is scientific, it is comical, it is philosophical, and it is profound.  It will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy.  Even though you are just one of billions of people on Earth, you are important, you are unique, and you do matter.

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