A maid with a plan. 

A squire with a secret.

A missing jewel.

A kingdom in turmoil.

Maven and Reeve have three days to solve the theft of the Fire Star. If they don’t, they’ll lose everything.

This could be a complete disaster … or the beginning of a friendship.

Bestselling author A. L. Tait is back with the intriguing story of two unlikely allies and a mystery to solve that could change their lives.

Book cover for The Fire Star

The Fire Star: A Maven & Reeve Mystery

This lovely story, set in a medieval world of lords and castles, servents and squires, follows the lives of serving girl and maid Maven and teenage squire Reeve. Born to a world where a person’s fate is decided by the people they serve, Maven and Reeve form a friendship and bond framed by servitude. 

Maven is not quite as she seems however and neither is her lady. The story attempts to encourage feminist ideals and the ideas of equality in a clearly unequal world – as even though Maven is a servent to her much more powerful lady, women of all ranks are still under the power of men.


A great medieval mystery that keeps the pages turning as you desperately wait to find out the fate of our protagonists. Will Maven and Reeve find the Fire Star in time to save them from exile … or worse?

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