Children’s Book Week Review – Soon

by Libby Gleeson
illustrated by Jedda Robaard

Soon is one of this year’s Children’s Book Council of Australia notable titles, in the Early Childhood: Book of the Year category.   

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We’re waiting for our baby.
Wait, wait, wait.
‘When will the baby come, Mum?’

A delightful story that perfectly captures the excitement of awaiting the arrival of a new baby.

Soon is the beautifully simple tale of a mother and child patiently awaiting a new arrival in the family. Well, mum is patiently waiting while her young daughter becomes more and more curious, eager and excited.

Soon - page A

The author tells this modest, gentle little story without the need for any greatly exaggerated emotions or action. The writing is minimal yet conveys so much of the mood and atmosphere of this special time. With such a subtle delivery, one needs to take their time to absorb all the little details.

With skilled understatement, each new scene shows the passage of time and the preparations to be made. Arranging a new space; painting the baby’s new crib (and maybe the walls a bit); organising our own things to make room, and so on.

No spoilers, but the little changes in the dialogue between mother and daughter are also wonderful. The shift in questions and answers says so much and is so well observed. It’s adorable!

Soon - page C

The illustration work in this book is also wonderfully subtle and subdued. The artist perfectly matching the soft and restrained style of the narration, with the last few pages needing no words at all.

This whimsical book is a lovely read for everyone but especially for families with a new addition on the way. I thoroughly recommend giving it a go, as I’m sure you and your children will love reading Soon.