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Hello everyone. Welcome to my review of  Her perilous mansion written by Sean Williams.

Her perilous mansion is a mystery with paranormal elements mixed in. Set in a world where magic is more or less commonplace and comes from magically written words, and children are often orphaned, destitute and forgotten, the mansion offers a haven to two woebegotten children with little or no future prospects. Almanac and Etta (also known as Regret Jacobs) arrive at the mansion on the same day to begin their exciting new lives as apprentice second footman and chambermaid respectively. Unfortunately, from the moment they arrive, things begin to go awry.

Although the mansion seems to have many other occupants who speak to the children regularly, they are never actually seen. Food is always available, and dirty dishes are magically cleaned. No one can agree on what the mansion was actually called – everyone sees a different name when they arrive. And the biggest problem – the gates are locked immediately after their arrival and there is no way out. 

This isn’t the type of story I would normally read, but I found myself loving every moment of Her Perilous Mansion and I was desperate to figure out the mystery of the manor. I find tales where children are completely independent of any adult supervision, and yet show extreme maturity and responsibility while still maintaining childlike innocence incredibly appealing. This book would be suitable for competent young readers from around 9yrs of age.

Shortlisted Patricia Wrightson Prize for Children’s Literature, NSW Premier’s Literary Awards 2021 ; Notable Book Book of the Year, Younger Readers, CBCA Awards 2021.

My rating for Her Perilous Mansion:

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