Children’s Book Week review – Catch me if I fall by Barry Jonsberg

This book is notable for the Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA) Book of the Year 2021 – Older Readers and shortlisted in the 2021 Indie Book Awards Young Adult category.

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Ash and Aiden Delatour are identical twins, living a privileged lifestyle with loving parents. In a world that has fallen apart at the seams, they want for nothing. All they have to do is be there for each other, no matter what.

But after Aiden suffers a terrible injury, he isn’t the same brother Ash always relied on. Something has changed, and it will lead to a discovery that will turn their whole world upside down.


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This book is not what I expected – in a good way! It is much more in-depth than the cover and blurb would indicate, and the topics covered are varied.

From the very beginning, there are questions – How can a brother and sister be identical twins? What is the significance of the weather? What is not-quite-right about the relationship between the kids and their mother? As the story continues, more questions are raised and, eventually, the surprising answers are revealed.

Ash and Aiden are living a privileged life, protected from the ravaged world by their mother’s well-paid job in artificial intelligence. They are unaware of the struggles of most people until they meet a group of homeless children, and begin to see and question the injustice. When an injury on school camp affects Aiden’s behaviour, it triggers a chain of events that changes the twins’ lives forever.

Set in futuristic Australia, this book will trigger much discussion by readers about family dynamics, ethics, climate change, and artificial intelligence. It is a fast-paced and interesting read for ages ten years and over. 

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