Children’s Book Review – Three by Stephen Michael King

Book cover for Three by Stephen Michael King

One, two, three… One, two, three… Every day was a hop and a skip for Three. He was happy to walk from here to there, wherever his nose led, or wherever his legs took him… all the way to new friends.

Three – written and illustrated by Stephen Michael King.

This book, the latest from celebrated children’s author and illustrator Stephen Michael King has been announced as an Honour title in the Children’s Book Council of Australia’s Book of the Year Awards – Picture Book of the Year 2020

There are many beautifully written and illustrated titles included in the Children’s Book Council book of the year awards list for 2020, but when I first read this book my heart soared with happy emotions.

Occasionally, he looked for a home… or for someone to love, but mostly he walked from here to there, or wherever his nose led.

Little Three is a solitary, self-reliant soul. He has street smarts, an innate curiosity about the world and all the creatures that he comes across, and a genuine gratitude for the opportunities and experiences that he encounters on his adventures.

If Three had four legs, he might be a chair. Chairs didn’t go anywhere, and the two legs put their bottoms on them.

Really Three doesn’t mind that he has three legs, and we don’t learn how his three leg status came about. He lives in a world where having three legs is not a hindrance, and every day is a skip and a hop from where he starts to where he ends. He is full of empathy for the six and eight legs that also live in the city, and full of wonder and awe at all the other leg combinations that he comes across.

Three was thankful  for everything.

I think that gratitude might need to be a topic for one of my upcoming blog posts. In our crazy world we have so much to be grateful for, not least that we live in Australia, even more so that we live in Western Australia, we have sane leaders and free health care, universal access to education, and an inclusive culture. That’s all getting a bit deep for this particular book review though!

Da da da da! Introducing:  Three – the board game! Access to a laminating machine is a bonus if your kids tussle as much as mine do.

Oh, Stephen Michael King, you are an educator’s best friend. Resource pages such as this one are a pure delight to harried parents, teachers and librarians alike. Praise be.

I am thrilled that the CBCA recognised that Three was due an honourable mention in this year’s awards. I hope that you enjoy sharing Three’s adventures with your family.