Children’s Book Council of Australia’s Book of the Year – Early Childhood Notable List 2019

Each year the Children’s Book Council of Australia announces their Book of the Year across six categories: Older Readers, Younger Readers, Early Childhood, Eve Pownall Award for Information Books, Picture Book of the Year, and the Crichton Award for New Illustrators. On Tuesday 26 February they announced their notable lists. On 26 March the shortlist will be announced and on Friday 16 August the winners will be announced.

These books represent the very best of Australian writing and illustration. Below is the Notable list for Early Childhood. Reserve your copy today.

Entries in this category may be fiction, drama or poetry and should be appropriate in style and content for children who are at pre-reading or early stages of reading. Ages 0-7 years

Dinosaur Day Out by Sara Acton
All The Ways to Be Smart by Davina Bell, with illustrations by Allison Colpoys
Pig the Grub by Aaron Blabey
Heads and Tailes: Insects by John Canty
A Boat of Stars by Margaret Connolly & Natalie Jane Prior
Collecting Sunshine by Rachel Flynn, with illustrations by Tamsin Ainslie
Dogasaurus by Lucinda Gifford
Red House, Blue House, Green House, Tree House! by Jane Godwin, with illustrations by Jane Reiseger
Rabby the Brave by Patrick Guest, with illustrations by Tom Jellett
The Dress-Up Box by Patrick Guest, with illustrations by Nathaniel Eckstrom
Chip the Lifeguard by Kylie Howarth
Rainbow Bear by Stephen Michael King
Noni the Pony Rescues a Joey by Alison Lester
Tricky’s Bad Day by Alison Lester
Duck! by Meg McKinlay, with illustrations by Nathaniel Eckstrom
It’s A Long Way to the Shop by Heidi McKinnon
Rhyme Cordial by Antonia Pesenti
Here Comes Stinkbug! by Tohby Riddle
It’s Not Scribble to Me by Kate Richie, with illustrations by Jedda Robbard
Beware the Deep Dark Forest by Sue Whiting, with illustrations by Annie White