2020 Make Your Own Story Book competition

The Make Your Own Story Book competition is an opportunity for Western Australian students to create an original narrative presented as a picture or story book.

The focus of the competition is the creation of an engaging and original story or picture book that satisfies the entry requirements.

Closing date Friday 5 June 2020. Update, due to CBW moving to October the new closing date is Friday 24th July 2020.

All information in this post has been taken from the entry form. Please read instructions on how to correctly complete entry form on the Children’s Book Council of Australia website. All linked documents provided by the Children’s Book Council of Australia (WA Branch).


  • Years PP – 2 Picture Book
  • Years 3 – 4 Picture Book
  • Years 3 – 4 Story Book
  • Years 5 – 6 Picture Book
  • Years 5 – 6 Story Book
  • Years 7 – 8 Picture Book
  • Years 7 – 8 Story Book

The judges will classify each entry as either picture or story book.

Picture Book

  • Combine words and illustrations to tell a story
  • The story can be told through the illustrations alone.

Story Book

  • Relies on the written word to tell the story
  • Illustrations are complementary, not essential to the story
  • Excitement and interest are conveyed through the plot, language and characterisation.

Entry Requirements

  • Create a picture or story book that tells an ORIGINAL STORY using original text and illustrations,
  • include the conventions of book production –sturdy back and front covers, title page, blurb and author profile
  • book is hand bound (not commercially bound)
  • hand written or typed text
  • photos must be taken by the student
  • illustrations must be produced by the student
  • original illustrations and photos can be scanned
  • students can work with a partner to complete a book. Maximum of two students per book.
  • The maximum word limit is 5000 words.

Sean Avery Tips & Tricks Videos

If any more videos are posted we will update this post to add them, you can also access them on the CBCA(WA) website.