Jeremy / Christopher Faille ; ill. Danny Snell

Over the next few weeks the awesome people that bring you Storytime and Pram Jams posts will be reviewing some of the  books that have been shortlisted  for the Children’s Book of the Year Awards. The Children’s Book Council of Australia will be announcing the winners on Friday, 15th August 2014.

I am going to start it all off by reviewing a book (with the help of two actual children) that has been shortlisted for the Eve Pownall Award for Information Books.

This lovely picture book tells the story about a tiny kookaburra (Jeremy) who falls out of his nest and is rescued by an unlikely hero – the family cat.  Jeremy is nursed by the family until he is strong enough to join his fellow feathery friends. As you read this gorgeous tale witness Jeremy’s transformation as he grows from a  tiny little orphaned chick to a big confident kookaburra ready to join his friends in the sky. The illustrations are fantastic and will provoke thought and questions around the issues of raising an infant bird to release into the wild. The inside and back cover contain non-fiction facts about kookaburras. This is a great non-fiction starter book for the little guys – it reads like a picture book but contains actual facts. Recommended for Junior Primary children.

What the kids thought :

Trent (11yrs): I really enjoyed this book because it contains facts and tells a story about how a family saves a bird called Jeremy.

Brodie (10yrs): The fact part in the front and back cover of this book is my favourite.  I liked how Jeremy sat in the big gum tree with the other kookaburras. I think it is a good book for kids aged 3 – 12 years old.

Let me know if you enjoyed this one as well.