Thank you to everyone who was part of the Captain Underpants competition, we loved reading all of your entries.

But, unfortunately, as with all competitions it’s time for there to be a winner.

Congratulations to our two main prize winners.

M – I would use all my Superhero powers to fix the new Perth Childrens hospital so that sick kids finally get a cool place to stay at when they are unwell.

T – I would destroy all plastic land rubbish in the world. Also I would write my book called your only borne once. And i would fly back to NZ and see my ness, i would also go to lybery and read how to make the world be better and how to figure out away how to stop climet change and make the world better because we only have One!!! also buy a chocolate.

Runner-Up Prize Winner

L – Parkour pussycat able to jump off high buildings in a single pounce! She’s the one to call when you are going to fall. Saving falling babies with her somersaults and twists. Fighting baddies with her agility and fists. Her super purr helps everyone out to calm down when they’re all freaked out. She uses her little helping paws and all four claws. And a tail with a whip which is like a zip. Whiskeres with laser ray are great for making baddies pay.