It’s Sunday today so the library is closed but not even a closed library can stop Christmas from being one day closer.

A wonderful library elf opened the window for day seven.

Day 7

Behind which was a picture of Azelia Ley Homestead museum where items from the last 35 years of Cockburn (and a long, long time before that) can be found.

7 - Azelia Ley


But, where is the book?

That naughty little elf must have let someone borrow it because it’s not there anymore. Luckily, we know it was Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure which I hear is a wonderful Christmas movie.

7 - Beethoven's Christmas


Tomorrow we will be another day closer to Christmas and can open another window…books might not be chocolate but they are so much more fun! Stay tuned to find out what is behind day 8 tomorrow.