Book Review – Almost Everybody Farts by Marty Kelley


Almost Everybody Farts – Marty Kelley

When I first saw the title of the book and the unicorn farting a rainbow, I had to pick it up. Why? Firstly, my daughter is in this phase where she giggles every time she hears a fart and loves telling people “I fart” with a big grin on her face 🙂 Secondly, the magical creature on the cover is such a fad now that if I do not pick up the book, I will be deemed “mad”!

My daughter is 4 and she did laugh quite a bit when we read it together so yes, we enjoyed the book.

What do we like about it?
– Lots of rhyming words
– Fun, bright and colourful illustrations
– Easy to understand and short text which makes it an ideal quick to get through bedtime story (minus the giggles)

And of course, mothers are so proper that we do not fart………or do we?
At least not in public 😉