The Book Cubby is gone…but the wonderful memories and all of the amazing children who visited and wrote, illustrated, and then published their own books will live on forever!

The building team

The Book Cubby is a space for families to share books and for children to create their own 8-page Hot Dog books. Before you ask: no, I don’t know why they call them hot dog books.

The books made at the Bookstars launch session

These books (which are created out of a single piece of A3 paper) gave children the opportunity to create a book that was all theirs. All ages could participate in this activity from pre-school aged children who can create a wordless book that they could narrate verbally to older children who can create books completely without pictures if they choose to do so. As well as everyone in between…and the adults too.

The completed books were then photocopied by the library staff and the author/illustrator took home their original. We displayed their book in the Book Cubby for the duration of its time here at Success.

All of the completed books

We had a launch event on April 10 2017 and you can check out the pictures of the event and us putting the Book Cubby together: