Hello Creative Kids,

It’s Lego Club!

We still cannot meet up in Coolbellup Library for Lego fun, but the good news is that the library is starting to open back up and I hope that it will not be too long before we can all meet up again.

I have a treat for you today.  A Lego marble run.  It’s a little different from the mazes we have made at Creative Kids before because we are going to use gravity to get the marble through the Lego.

So gather up all your Lego blocks and let’s make a marble run.

I started with two descending staircases. I discovered that you have to make them at least two bricks deep or the marble will just roll off.  The marble then goes into a funnel, under an arch and then hits my favourite part; the spinner!

Then the marble goes through a wider funnel and down more descending stairways, until it finally hits the end.

This Lego Marble run took me quite a while to put together and I had to make a lot of changes to get it to work. But it was worth it in the end to see that little marble finally make its way from top to bottom.

As with all Lego creations, you should let your imagination go wild.  Some decorations would make the marble run look a lot better too.  What super ideas can you come up with for a Lego Marble run?

Next week we’ll be putting on our Science Superheroes capes!

Take care Creative Kids,