STEAM Fun @ Cockburn Libraries

25 September – 5 October 2018 – Bookings open September 10.

Coolbellup Library

Grass Heads
Make and decorate your own grass heads. Ages 6+
Wednesday 26 September at 10.30am

Mini Greenhouses
Make your own mini greenhouse and grow something of your very own. Ages 6+
Tuesday 2 October at 10.30am

What’s Inside Me – Under My Skin
Using a special app children are able to explore what is under their skin before making something to take home. Devices will be available for the event but bring your own tablet/phone to use as well. Ages 7+
Wednesday 3 October at 10.30am

Spearwood Library

Marshmallow Towers
Build a structure with toothpicks and marshmallows…can you be the prize winning food engineer? Ages 6+
Tuesday 25 September at 10.30am

Wooden Propeller Cars
Assemble and decorate your propeller cars, then wind the propeller and watch your car go. Ages 6+
Friday 28 September at 10.30am

Horton Hatches the Egg
Listen to the book and then engineer and build a nest to keep a falling egg from cracking. Ages 4-8
Friday 5 October at 10.30am

While most of our regular sessions stop for the school holidays LEGO Club is still happening these holidays at Spearwood Library on Friday 5 October at 3.30pm.

Success Library

Our Solar System
Discover planet orbits, phases of the moon, scale and distance with fun hands-on activities from the Gingin Gravity Discovery Centre. Ages 8-12
Wednesday 26 September at 10am

The Lorax
Listen to the book and learn about plants and the environment and create a biodegradable pot to take home. Ages 4-8
Friday 28 September at 10am

Perspective Dioramas
Learn about perspective and vanishing viewpoint as you make your own diorama to take home. Ages 7+
Thursday 4 October at 10am

Young Adult Activities @ Success Library

Electrical Etching
Use household products to etch patterns on metal using saltwater and electricity. Ages 10-15
Tuesday 2 October at 10am

Anime Arvo
Anime Arvo is an opportunity to watch a selection of first episodes from four different Anime TV series. Specific titles and ratings are available on our website. Ages 15+
Thursday 27 September at 2-4pm

Bookings open 10 September.