Get ready to get messy!
Explore the world of science , technology, engineering, arts and mathematics at our monthly STEAM Club.
Imagine, invent and innovate with fun and challenging hands-on activities for kids.
Each session we will investigate a new topic from the STEAM acronym. Some of the exciting projects we’ll be working on to start with will include rubberband racers, engineering an effective bow and arrow, testing liquid densities and messing about with non-Newtonian fluid.

Bookings required. Book online from two weeks before each workshop! Follow us on Eventbrite for updates.


Next meeting Thursday 20 June


Success Library

Ages 8+ only

Check out some photos of previous STEAM Club meetings!

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These are our STEAM Club sessions for the rest of 2019.

June 20

September 12

July 18

October 24

August 12-16

STEAM Club presents National Science Week

November 21

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It is vitally important that people engage with the technical subjects, gain confidence and build a solid understanding so that they can take advantage of new technologies. At the same time, people need to develop the right side of their brain – the side that deals with creativity and imagination – so that they can not only use new technologies, but also be the innovators who create the next wave of inventions.

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