Pram Jams – It’s never too early for early literacy

Ages 0-2.
Pram Jams (often called Rhyme Time at other libraries) is for babies and their parents, grandparents or carers.  It’s noisy, fun, and a wonderful chance to learn some new songs for bedtime, bathtime, or when you’re stuck in the car. Pram Jams sessions are free and you don’t need to book – just come along! Sessions last approximately 20-30 minutes.

Coolbellup Library Pram Jams

Weekly:  Mondays at 10am
A great way to start the week, every Monday is Pram Jams day at Coolbellup Library.

Success Library Pram Jams

Twice weekly: Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10am
Success Library Pram Jams are so popular, we had to put it on twice.

Spearwood Library Pram Jams

Weekly: Thursdays at 10:30am
Spearwood Library have increased the frequency of their sessions to weekly starting March 2018

Note: No Pram Jams run during the school holidays. Check the Library Event Calendar for exact dates

Tell me more about Pram Jams

Pram Jams (some libraries call it Rhyme Time) is designed for parents (though, as well as dads and mums, we also love nannas, grandads, aunts, uncles, and babysitters) with new babies as well as toddlers (at this age the children take on a more active role with the movements and songs that are becoming familiar to them). All children, and their adults, are welcome from birth to two years.

The rhymes and songs are designed to expose children to new words, rhythm, melody, sounds, body awareness, counting and number awareness, world knowledge and, perhaps, most importantly, fun with language. We read books to encourage a love of language (since the language used in songs and rhymes differs structurally from that used in books) as well as encouraging a love for reading and books which we believe is incredibly important for everyone.

Some tips if you are heading along to Pram Jams for the first time

Before Pram Jams

  • Do – Arrive with plenty of time for the session. Read your child a book or two while you’re waiting.

During Pram Jams

  • Do – Join in with the session. Sit with your child and participate in the rhymes and songs. You can talk to other parents afterwards – Pram Jams is a great bonding experience to share with your child.

After Pram Jams

  • Do – Browse for a while and borrow some books from our board books, audiobooks, puppets and music collection. If you would like help, ask staff for recommendations.
  • Do – catch up and chat with other parents and friends afterwards – it’s a social experience, for both you and your child.

Please do not take photographs of other families or children without their permission.